This weekend, Stampede Park invites our esteemed members to join us for our annual Million Dollar Lottery. We have grown so much together as a community of thoroughbred racing enthusiasts and have built several professional partnerships over the course of our operations here at Stampede Park, and we want to celebrate that with you. Thanks to the modern prize indemnity insurance, we can bring these prizes to you.


Stampede Park is the true home of thoroughbred horse racing in Victoria. Here, we host several events a year, including an annual member’s only function, where we give back the love and gratitude our dear frequent patrons have blessed us with and in celebration of both the years that went, as well as the great many years to come.

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Stampede Park is not just a venue for thoroughbred horse racing enthusiasts. It can also be a second home for families living within the area, and a fun hangout for people who want to spend quality time with their dear friends and loved ones. For non-members, we have a standard day package that includes everything there is to love about Stampede Park.

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Stampede Park’s full membership is available to persons between 29 to 60 years of age. We offer an annual membership subscription and a member’s card for *PRICE*. This entitles the patron full access to our amenities, free exclusive seating to our races, invites to exclusive events, as well as a mailing list subscription.

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