Million Dollar Lottery

This weekend, Stampede Park invites our esteemed members to join us for our annual Million Dollar Lottery. We have grown so much together as a community of thoroughbred racing enthusiasts and have built several professional partnerships over the course of our operations here at Stampede Park, and we want to celebrate that with you. Thanks to the modern prize indemnity insurance, we can bring these prizes to you.

The annual Million Dollar Lottery is a way of giving back to the love and support of our dear patrons over the year, as well as a celebration of our time together as a community not only within the last 365 days, but over the many years we’ve been up and running.

We have just yet again finished an entire busy season of races, but we’re nowhere near exhaustion because of the continuous patronage we’ve been getting. It is always a pleasure to have our dear patrons around to be with us in our many races.

Important Details

All active members of the Stampede Park is qualified for one entry.

The entry tickets will be available for purchase at $150 per ticket per person, as soon as you enter the member’s lounge.

Children will only be allowed in the member’s lounge under constant supervision.

Non-members will only be allowed if they are guests of the invited. Each member is only allowed two guests to regulate the member’s lounge capacity and exclusivity.

This exclusive event will be observing a semi-formal dress code. You are encouraged to wear race wear attire.

An entry ticket will also give you the following provisions and benefits:

  • Maximum of two guests, children not included
  • Day pass
  • Table booking
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Access to the Stampede Park’s member’s lounge buffet station
  • Tickets to next scheduled races
  • Spinning wheel lottery prizes won
  • Unlimited premium brewed coffee

How the Million Dollar Lottery Works

Each ticket holder gets to spin the Million Dollar Lottery wheel at the member’s lounge of Stampede Park, where he’ll get the chance to win exciting prizes on top of the major prize: a million dollars! A ticket holder only gets to spin once.

Exciting prizes aside from the million dollar jackpot includes the following:

  • Luxury hotel staycation for two
  • Stampede Park all-day continental buffet
  • VIP access to all amenities at Stampede Park

Please let us know if you’re going to be part of this exclusive event by calling us or shooting us an email. You are also free to bring up some inquiries, hospitality requirements, and other concerns. Your comfort is in our best interest. We are looking forward to see familiar faces and also formally welcome new members and introduce them to the loyal Stampede Park community. See you there!


  1. gemma

    I would love to buy a ticket. What is your banking details so i can pay you? or alternatively can i send a cheque to you? What are your contact details, i would love some more information about the lottery. thanks

  2. admin

    Gemma, we only use the best in the business, PrizeTech, for our Lotteries. Please give them a call for some very informative and enjoyable conversation about how to insure your next promotion 😉

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