Frequent Flyer Points Giveaway

Frequent flyer programs have been used for a number of years now by airline companies.  Stampede Park is not just a venue where thoroughbred racing aficionados come together to enjoy thoroughbred horse racing and cheer for our favorite horses, it is also a place where we can enjoy giveaways and freebies.  In fact, we are currently giving away Stampede Park Points.

Stampede Park will be holding the Great Stampede Park-Frequent Flyer Points Giveaway. This is your chance to sell airline miles for cash or convert to Stampede Park Points.  You do not have to be an expert traveler. You only need to join the competitions and win. Is it tempting? Of course, it is. Become a member of Stampede Park now, and have more chances of winning. Here are the competitions that you can join.

Sell or Convert the Most Airline Miles and Win a 1-Week Hotel Accommodation For Two

Airline Miles are a great way for you to earn free rides. The prize includes full accommodation services at Stampede Park. Sell your airline miles and convert them to Stampede Park points. The more miles you convert, the more chances you have of winning.  There are also 3 Stampede Park vouchers that you can win every week as well.

You are eligible to enter when you:

  1. You are a member of Stampede Park
  2. You have at least attended 1 horse racing event
  3. You have used your converted Frequent Flyer points to shop at least once a week during the promotional period of the competition. The competition runs from September 14 to October 14

Win a trip to France with Stampede Park Points

Accumulate the highest points for the month of October and win a fully paid trip to France. You will be staying at the famous chateaus of Champagne and the best hotels in Paris. You will also be touring around the best Champagne Houses of France.

To win this once in a lifetime vacation you will have to:

  1. Be a member of Stampede Park
  2. Be a member for at least 6 months
  3. Attend at least 5 events
  4. Use the converted Frequent Flyer points to shop at least 3 times a week during the promotional period of the competition. The competition period will be from October 1 to November 2.

Win a Free Dinner Out with Friends and Family

Join the most number of events at the Stampede Park this September and convert the most Frequent Flyer points. You will have the chance to win 2 free dinners cooked by the best chefs of Stampede Park. You can also bring a maximum of ten people to dine with you.

To join the competition:

  1. A Stamped Park Member
  2. Joined events at Stampede Park for two consecutive months
  3. Used the converted Frequent Flyer Points to dine in Stampede Park’s restaurant.

The competition runs from September 20 to November 20.

Win 500 thousand Frequent Flyer Points and a Samsung Galaxy S9

You have the chance to win 500 thousand Frequent Flyer Points, plus the newest Samsung Galaxy S9.  You just have to join at least 3 events at Stampede Park. You should also have dined at the park’s restaurant for at least 5 times within the promotional period. Remember, the more times you attend an event and dine at the restaurant, the more chances of winning.

Here are the rules of the competition:

  1. A Stampede Park member
  2. Joined at least three events at Stampede Park
  3. Has Dined at least 5 times at the park’s restaurant.

The promotional period runs from October 3 to  October 31.

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