How CBD Helps you Horse Perform Better at the Races

CBD (or Cannabidiol,  the non-psychoactive component of cannabis) has been all the rage lately, ever since the legalization of medical marijuana. Patients from all over the world have come forward speaking high praises about the wonders that CBD products – such as CBD Oils – have done to help them treat their ailments and illnesses.

Talk of the wonderful therapeutic qualities of CBD products has gone so far as to even influence veterinary medicine. That is correct – now pets and livestock can also benefit from the wonders of CBD.

CBD can be used in improving animal welfare and livestock quality through a lot of ways. One is through providing animals with feed made from hemp or even cannabis plant extracts that are of high quality. It is suggested that doing so will not only help the animal’s health and wellbeing but will also boost their performance.

One particular area that people are looking into is the use of CBD products on horses. This is because of the horses’ general tendency of having more health issues compared to other domestic animals.

Horses that are used for work and for a competition can benefit from the incorporation of CBD products into their daily food intake and regular diet. CBD products can be given to horses in the form of edibles and even ointments.

The horses’ health and nutritional requirements are similar to those of humans’ in terms of complexity and need for attention. As horses are typically made to engage in copious amounts of physical activity through long periods of time, their bodies are particularly susceptible to disease and injuries. The slightest difference in diet could mean the difference between a comfortable life, a life of pain and suffering, or even death.

With that in mind, a good diet is crucial to a horse’s health. Much like humans, they need many different minerals and nutrients in order to function properly and perform at their best. They should not be fed only fresh grass or horse feed – in fact, they will benefit from the introduction of a healthy amount of hemp into their diet.

However, studies show that diet is not the only way that CBD can be introduced to horses’ health. Horses can also benefit from CBD Oil’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects, as they are typically involved with extended hours of physical exertion. Thus, the use of CBD Oil can help them relax, soothe any physical pains, and calm their muscles.

There are other methods to introduce cannabis into the horses’ lifestyle in order to improve their health and wellbeing and maximize their performance. One way of doing so is through the provision of pastes, ointments, and even creams that contain the CBD component of cannabis.

Owners need not worry about hemp products making their horses high or getting their horses addicted. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, and by definition, should provide all the benefits of marijuana without the risk of an unwanted high. In addition to this, hemp grown industrially contains very low amounts of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis.)

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