A Horse Racer’s Diet

A Horse Racer’s Diet

Riders, like all other athletes, need to stick to a healthy diet regimen in order to stay as fit and as healthy as possible. Riding is a physically demanding task, which requires the people that participate in it to be in top physical shape so as to both avoid injury and provide the best performance possible.

Whether it be through cooking meals or more convenient home meal delivery, read more here or check the examples listed below of great riders and the diets that they follow in order to stay on top of their game.

Jim Crowley

In 2006, Jim Crowley made the switch to flat racing. Following the diet listed below, he was able to perform well in both areas.

Breakfast: Eggs (scrambled) with ham, served with green tea. This is an excellent menu for breakfast because it starts up the metabolism and gets you ready for the day.

Lunch: When he has to attend races, he does not each much. However, if he does have to eat something, he will pick a high-protein food, such as jelly babies or sweet tea.

Dinner: Steak paired with a salad.

When asked about the diet he follows when he has a race to attend, he says he eats as soon as he finishes running rounds with his horses. His diet rightfully places a heavy emphasis on protein and a balance of nutrients.

Tom Marquand

Crowned as 2015’s Champion Apprentice, Tom Marquand was also voted to be one of BBC’s three 2015 Young Sports Personality of the Year.

Breakfast: Porridge with banana or honey and green tea or coffee.

Lunch: A protein-heavy meal, such as chicken or roast beef, with a side serving of salad.

Dinner: Another high-protein meal, such as fish or BBQ, with vegetables.

When he has races to attend, Marquand states that he usually has a coffee, exercises his horses, then has his regular breakfast. After a race, he keeps his energy levels up with a bit of chocolate or ice cream.

Pat Cosgrave

William Haggas, a leading Newmarket trainer, named Pat Cosgrave as the first-choice jockey of his.

Breakfast: Poached eggs with cottage cheese and ham, along with a serving of green tea.

Lunch: He states that he does not eat much for lunch, but that whatever he has must be high in protein.

Dinner: A meal with any kind of fish and salad – salmon is among his favorites.

During days when he has to attend a race, he exercises his horses first then gets breakfast before the race begins. After events, when he needs a boost of energy, he has chocolate or sweet tea. He states that hydration is the secret to health.

Oisin Murphy

Qatar Racing, owned by the Qatari Royal Family, has kept rider Oisin Murphy on retainer.

Breakfast: Runny scrambled eggs with Irish brown soda bread.

Lunch: Orange squash with sparkling water, and sometimes prawn skewers.

Dinner: Roast chicken or fish pie.

He says that, though he loves food, his biggest secret to health is regulating what he eats – and lots of scrambled eggs.

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