Darts Found at Hong Kong

News – Poisoned Darts Found at Hong Kong Racetrack

Horse racing is surely one of the most competitive games to bet on. That’s why finding out anomalies during a game is expected, though not as common. One of the most notable incident was a killing attempt with best throwing darts from a racetrack in Hong Kong. Here are the details:

Police Investigation in Hong Kong

There was a news before that a group of policemen in Hong Kong uncovered an attempted poisoning incident. There was an event where the horses in one of Hong Kong’s most popular racetracks, the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Happy Valley Track, were targeted by poison darts.

Racetrack Staff Uncovered the Plot

One of the staffs in the famous racetrack was able to uncover a bizarre plot. The staff was able to find twelve metal tubes. They’re a foot long and filled with poisonous darts. They were buried in a turf that is located just in front of the starting gates. The metal tubes have wires on them, and they’re connected to a wireless device.

The investigation pointed out that these were placed there to shot certain horses, thus affecting the results of the game. A lot of the staff thought of this as strange. One of the horse trainers even mentioned that it’s like in a novel. Plus, they were also able to notice a bomb disposal team near the area. They didn’t see something suspicious, so they started the game as usual.

How the Drama Unfolded

It started early morning. Jackson Wong, the racetrack supervisor, did he daily routine. He noticed something buried on the ground so he called his boss. The securities and policemen were then called as well to check on the situation.

A bomb squad was called to remove the darts. By 4:20 pm, the racetrack was safe for use. The game still went on at 7:30m pm.

Though nothing alarming and unfortunate happened, all of them were still worried about who could have placed the bombs. Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, the chief executive of the club mentioned that the darts could have possibly hurt the horses. He was convinced that they were placed there to cause injury and destruction.

We also said that it was a professional job – something that has to be done for hours just to set that. They never heard of anything like it happening. Because of this, the incident became one of the most intriguing scenes across the globe.

Some seasoned horseraces even said that the incident was brilliantly done by a mastermind. After all, the Hong Kong racetrack was one of the most secured tracks in the world. The place is full of security and cameras.

Indeed, while not as common as other sports-related news, it’s expected. After all, the Hong Kong race track was not only popular because of its racing games but also because it’s one of the biggest clubs when it comes to paying taxes. So, there’s really something deeper going on here, right? Truly, this is certainly one of the most intriguing and unforgettable incident in sports history.

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