Stampede Park is the true home of thoroughbred horse racing in Victoria. Here, we host several events a year, including an annual member’s only function, where we give back the love and gratitude our dear frequent patrons have blessed us with and in celebration of both the years that went, as well as the great many years to come.

Stampede Park has seen some pretty exciting races, personalities, competitions, and exclusive events from some of our loyal sponsors. We also have premium facilities and amenities that are paired with world-class hospitality. Our patrons can feast themselves in our top in-house dining options or simply enjoy our feature and non-feature races that could certainly take you to the edge of your seat.

Apart from these, Stampede Park also gladly offers a standard day package, with a wide variety of special add-ons to make your day park access a more fun and meaningful experience. Furthermore, we also offer a full membership package to frequent patrons at a very affordable price. This entitles the person a 1-year access to Stampede Park’s great amenities and exclusive events, to name a couple of awesome benefits. To know more about our membership package, head on over to our Get a Membership page.

If you want to know more about what Stampede Park has to offer, you may want to explore the official website a little more.