A Horse Racer’s Diet

A Horse Racer’s Diet

Riders, like all other athletes, need to stick to a healthy diet regimen in order to stay as fit and as healthy as possible. Riding is a physically demanding task, which requires the people that participate in it to be in top physical shape so as to both avoid injury and provide the best performance possible.

Whether it be through cooking meals or more convenient home meal delivery, read more here or check the examples listed below of great riders and the diets that they follow in order to stay on top of their game.

Jim Crowley

In 2006, Jim Crowley made the switch to flat racing. Following the diet listed below, he was able to perform well in both areas.

Breakfast: Eggs (scrambled) with ham, served with green tea. This is an excellent menu for breakfast because it starts up the metabolism and gets you ready for the day.

Lunch: When he has to attend races, he does not each much. However, if he does have to eat something, he will pick a high-protein food, such as jelly babies or sweet tea.

Dinner: Steak paired with a salad.

When asked about the diet he follows when he has a race to attend, he says he eats as soon as he finishes running rounds with his horses. His diet rightfully places a heavy emphasis on protein and a balance of nutrients.

Tom Marquand

Crowned as 2015’s Champion Apprentice, Tom Marquand was also voted to be one of BBC’s three 2015 Young Sports Personality of the Year.

Breakfast: Porridge with banana or honey and green tea or coffee.

Lunch: A protein-heavy meal, such as chicken or roast beef, with a side serving of salad.

Dinner: Another high-protein meal, such as fish or BBQ, with vegetables.

When he has races to attend, Marquand states that he usually has a coffee, exercises his horses, then has his regular breakfast. After a race, he keeps his energy levels up with a bit of chocolate or ice cream.

Pat Cosgrave

William Haggas, a leading Newmarket trainer, named Pat Cosgrave as the first-choice jockey of his.

Breakfast: Poached eggs with cottage cheese and ham, along with a serving of green tea.

Lunch: He states that he does not eat much for lunch, but that whatever he has must be high in protein.

Dinner: A meal with any kind of fish and salad – salmon is among his favorites.

During days when he has to attend a race, he exercises his horses first then gets breakfast before the race begins. After events, when he needs a boost of energy, he has chocolate or sweet tea. He states that hydration is the secret to health.

Oisin Murphy

Qatar Racing, owned by the Qatari Royal Family, has kept rider Oisin Murphy on retainer.

Breakfast: Runny scrambled eggs with Irish brown soda bread.

Lunch: Orange squash with sparkling water, and sometimes prawn skewers.

Dinner: Roast chicken or fish pie.

He says that, though he loves food, his biggest secret to health is regulating what he eats – and lots of scrambled eggs.

How to Go Green in Horse Keeping

Going green in your farm is not that difficult or costly. As a horse owner, you should consider adopting eco-friendly practices as this is the right thing to do. The following are practical eco-friendly management practices that you can follow.

Consider dumpster rental services

A roll off dumpster is a simple and cost-effective way to eradicate heaps of debris from your farm. Dumpster rental Auburn NY is simple and can be easily done online. Dumpster rental services are some of the most flexible and environment-friendly ways to dispose of debris from your property. You should look for local dumpster rental services that can reliably dispose of the debris in an environment-friendly way.

Buy Green

When purchasing a piece of equipment, ensure that it is certified as green before buying. This includes considering how materials used in the production of the item or equipment were sourced. Going for materials that are recyclable or useful will ensure that less harm is caused to the environment.

Pastures Management

Pasturing is the most affordable way of feeding horses. One of the best systems when grazing horses is rotational grazing. When using this strategy, horses are allowed to graze one pasture cell at a time. Once the forage is finished, they move on to another cell allowing the previously grazed down to recover. This system is important in ensuring proper management of pasture.

Another proper pastures management technique is mixed grazing. This involves grazing horses simultaneously with other species. For instance, the horses can graze first followed by livestock which can feed on the less desirable pasture. This practice maximizes the potential of pasture and decreases the need for the use of herbicides.

Tree Planting

Planting trees adds vegetation which can reduce in-door temperatures greatly. Planting trees or shrubs adds a vegetation buffer zone between horse pastures and rivers which minimizes cutoff and purifies water. It can also provide a natural habitat for animals such as birds and small wildlife.

Organic Remedies

Make use of natural remedies when possible. There are a number of homemade insect repellants and salves. Natural remedies are not harmful to the environment as opposed to the use of chemicals. They are also economical as they can be made from readily available ingredients.

Erosion Control

Erosion can be reduced through the eradication of mud by installing drains that redirect surface water from one area to another. Perforated pipes installed inside trenches can for instance help direct excess water. It is also important that you consult professionals during the planning stages to ensure that drains and pipes are installed properly.

Stay Knowledgeable

Knowledge on how to manage the natural environment and facilities can help you optimize the health of your horses while remaining eco-friendly. Such knowledge can be obtained through self-education just like what you are doing right now. There are also a number of online courses that introduce vital concepts related to the management of the natural environment. They also explore the relationship between the health of the environment and horses’ well-being.

How to Design Your Horse Racing Website

Whether your horse racing website is a platform for valuable blog posts and news articles or you offer unique and special products and services relevant to the horse racing industry, having a good website is your groundwork for success.

Here’s how you can start designing your horse racing website.

Decide whether you want to use a website creator

If you want to create your website from scratch, include logo design, that is the more complex route as you have to know how to do HTML code. If you don’t have the technical expertise, you can freely use hosting services like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or Google Sites. If you really want your own platform, you can hire a web designer to establish your site from the ground up.

Map out your site

Before anything else, know how many pages you need to have and what content should fall on each page. You should also conceptualize the general layout of the pages. If you hire a Graphic Design Singapore provider, they can easily complete the task if you have your desired layout in mind.

Use intuitive design

There are foolproof guidelines when it comes to designing an intuitive website. You shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel and bend the established design customs. For example, the navigation should be at the top part of the page. Your menu icon must be located on the page’s top-left corner, and the search bar should be somewhere near the page’s upper-right side. Don’t defy the usual as it might only do more harm than good.

Be consistent

You should be consistent when it comes to your image theme, color palette, text font, and other design options. This is to make the whole website look smooth and cohesive.

Add navigation options

You can place direct links of the key pages at the top part of the home page, so first-time visitors can be readily redirected to the content that matters. Every page of your website should be accessible by clicking the navigation options rather than just being accessible through the direct page address.

Use colors which complement each other

The color combination should be visually appealing, and to ensure that, you need to use complementary colors. You can refer to the color wheel to know which colors are complementary. Just choose two colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. If you want something safe, you can go for neutral colors like grey, black, and white.

Consider using a minimalist design

Minimalism always works. Making your website look too overstated will be counterproductive. Just go for simple graphics, cool-tone colors, black-on-white text pages, and minimal embellishment. Minimalism makes your website look more professional and straightforward. However, if you really want to go for brighter colors, bolder text, and harsher lines, you can still do so as long as the entirety still looks unified and easy to the eye.

Make unique choices

You should also consider your stylistic decisions that can add personality to your site while still considering the user-friendliness of the whole piece. Think about your brand’s personality and make your website ooze just that.

Whatever kind of website you plan to build, the design has to be put in place to ensure that your investment pays off and your site attracts the right traffic it deserves.

A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for a Horse Racing Event

If it is your first time going to attend a horse racing event, it is very important that you are prepared. It is essential that you do a research about it before going to the said event. There would be a lot of people who will be attending and it is very important that you know how to behave and present yourself. If you do not have an idea what to do, here are some tips that can help you prepare for your first horse racing event.

Be in Proper Attire

Although custom hoodies can be worn at the family enclosures, you can never see people wearing t-shirts for these social events, especially in the summer. A horse racing event is a very important social event. It is important that you consider your attire. Dress code is very important because it helps you blend in with the crowd and not stand out. However, there are some horse racing events that have strict dress codes like the Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Dubai World Cup, and The Royal Ascot.

Women visitors should wear long dresses while male fascinators should wear dress suits. There are some shops that offer specialized dresses and suits for these events, you can check them out before buying one.

Learn How the Game Works

If you do not have an idea of how the game works, then it will be difficult for you to understand what is happening in the race tracks. You need to research on how the game works and what are the specific situations that you need to watch out for during the tournament. You can search the web on the know-how of the game. If you happen to know someone who knows a lot about the race, you can ask for their assistance.

Find the best seat

If this is your first time attending the race event, you need to have the best view of the race. In this way, you can understand and feel the excitement of the race. Even if you are not really that interested in attending it, you still need to get the best view for you to understand what is going on the race.

A tip that you need to remember is that you need to book your seat beforehand. If you do not know which seat is the best one for you, ask the assistance of a friend or an expert.

Place A Bet

When you are in a horse racing event, bets usually happen. People usually place bets on their favored horses and oftentimes, they would place a high amount on them. If you are hesitant to place your bets because of the high stakes, you do not have to be. You can still make a bet even for a lower amount. Who knows, you might win your bet back.

Before placing your bet, make a short research on which horse you should place your bet on. Do not hesitate to ask experts about their opinion on the horses in the racing event.

If you follow these tips, then you do not have to worry about anything on the day of the event. What is important is that you have fun and enjoy the horse racing event with your significant other. You can even celebrate with a matching custom t-shirt that says ‘’We were at the Races!’’.

How CBD Helps you Horse Perform Better at the Races

CBD (or Cannabidiol,  the non-psychoactive component of cannabis) has been all the rage lately, ever since the legalization of medical marijuana. Patients from all over the world have come forward speaking high praises about the wonders that CBD products – such as CBD Oils – have done to help them treat their ailments and illnesses.

Talk of the wonderful therapeutic qualities of CBD products has gone so far as to even influence veterinary medicine. That is correct – now pets and livestock can also benefit from the wonders of CBD.

CBD can be used in improving animal welfare and livestock quality through a lot of ways. One is through providing animals with feed made from hemp or even cannabis plant extracts that are of high quality. It is suggested that doing so will not only help the animal’s health and wellbeing but will also boost their performance.

One particular area that people are looking into is the use of CBD products on horses. This is because of the horses’ general tendency of having more health issues compared to other domestic animals.

Horses that are used for work and for a competition can benefit from the incorporation of CBD products into their daily food intake and regular diet. CBD products can be given to horses in the form of edibles and even ointments.

The horses’ health and nutritional requirements are similar to those of humans’ in terms of complexity and need for attention. As horses are typically made to engage in copious amounts of physical activity through long periods of time, their bodies are particularly susceptible to disease and injuries. The slightest difference in diet could mean the difference between a comfortable life, a life of pain and suffering, or even death.

With that in mind, a good diet is crucial to a horse’s health. Much like humans, they need many different minerals and nutrients in order to function properly and perform at their best. They should not be fed only fresh grass or horse feed – in fact, they will benefit from the introduction of a healthy amount of hemp into their diet.

However, studies show that diet is not the only way that CBD can be introduced to horses’ health. Horses can also benefit from CBD Oil’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects, as they are typically involved with extended hours of physical exertion. Thus, the use of CBD Oil can help them relax, soothe any physical pains, and calm their muscles.

There are other methods to introduce cannabis into the horses’ lifestyle in order to improve their health and wellbeing and maximize their performance. One way of doing so is through the provision of pastes, ointments, and even creams that contain the CBD component of cannabis.

Owners need not worry about hemp products making their horses high or getting their horses addicted. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, and by definition, should provide all the benefits of marijuana without the risk of an unwanted high. In addition to this, hemp grown industrially contains very low amounts of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis.)

Web Designs Tips for Major Horse Racing Events

Designing a website is not easy– you really have to think it over and decide what kind of a website it is going to be. If you plan on promoting a major horse-racing event, for example, you need to define the elements that you need to incorporate into your website.

Hence, we have compiled these tips that might help you come up with the best web design Malaysia you deserve.


One tip is that you should formulate a plan in such a way that the design of your website would suit your client’s needs. You really need to think about what the contents are and what the design is.  You need to map out how your visitor will move through your site. The ultimate goal is to convert them to purchase tickets to your event, bet on their favorite horse, and purchase related products and memorabilia.

Do away with the unnecessary

When you have something that is an unnecessary addition to the website, just remove it and replace it with something more relevant and more suitable for your website. Just make it simple so that it will be much easier for your clients to access.

Incorporate follow and share buttons

You can also use social media to advertise your event (thus, your website) and spread the word. Also, include follow and share buttons to boost your reach.

Use call-to-action buttons

It is also important to add call-to-action buttons so that the ones who will be visiting the website would know what to do next to avoid confusion. Position them that your visitors will know where to click.  Also, use power words like ‘’Reserve Your Seat’’ or ‘’Bet on Your Favorite’’.

Make use of catchy and appealing photos and banners

Also, use images that suit the site, make them catch your visitors’ attention, and convey the message that you want your audience to grasp. Make sure that the location of your business is displayed on your website for clients’ convenience.

Organize your site

Also, make your homepage as organized as possible by dividing it into different sections like put an intro video, the overview of services that you provide, your products, and the details about your site.

Use white space effectively

You can also add whitespace since it helps break up and increase the readability of your page. It gives emphasis and helps in organizing your page as well. It also helps in positioning the elements of your website design.

Ensure compatibility

Since most people have phones, make sure your website is compatible with different devices since there are times when sites would crash in other devices.

Update constantly and regularly

Never stop testing your website to prevent it from crashing and also update it from time to time. Updating your site will also provide the latest information to your visitors, like the number and location of seats that are still available, articles on the preparation of your favorite horse, among others.

Always offer your clients something new so that they always have something to look forward to as reading something more interesting always gets them all excited. When you are imaginative and creative, you always have something new to offer and your audience will always have something to look forward to.

Frequent Flyer Points Giveaway

Frequent flyer programs have been used for a number of years now by airline companies.  Stampede Park is not just a venue where thoroughbred racing aficionados come together to enjoy thoroughbred horse racing and cheer for our favorite horses, it is also a place where we can enjoy giveaways and freebies.  In fact, we are currently giving away Stampede Park Points.

Stampede Park will be holding the Great Stampede Park-Frequent Flyer Points Giveaway. This is your chance to sell airline miles for cash or convert to Stampede Park Points.  You do not have to be an expert traveler. You only need to join the competitions and win. Is it tempting? Of course, it is. Become a member of Stampede Park now, and have more chances of winning. Here are the competitions that you can join.

Sell or Convert the Most Airline Miles and Win a 1-Week Hotel Accommodation For Two

Airline Miles are a great way for you to earn free rides. The prize includes full accommodation services at Stampede Park. Sell your airline miles and convert them to Stampede Park points. The more miles you convert, the more chances you have of winning.  There are also 3 Stampede Park vouchers that you can win every week as well.

You are eligible to enter when you:

  1. You are a member of Stampede Park
  2. You have at least attended 1 horse racing event
  3. You have used your converted Frequent Flyer points to shop at least once a week during the promotional period of the competition. The competition runs from September 14 to October 14

Win a trip to France with Stampede Park Points

Accumulate the highest points for the month of October and win a fully paid trip to France. You will be staying at the famous chateaus of Champagne and the best hotels in Paris. You will also be touring around the best Champagne Houses of France.

To win this once in a lifetime vacation you will have to:

  1. Be a member of Stampede Park
  2. Be a member for at least 6 months
  3. Attend at least 5 events
  4. Use the converted Frequent Flyer points to shop at least 3 times a week during the promotional period of the competition. The competition period will be from October 1 to November 2.

Win a Free Dinner Out with Friends and Family

Join the most number of events at the Stampede Park this September and convert the most Frequent Flyer points. You will have the chance to win 2 free dinners cooked by the best chefs of Stampede Park. You can also bring a maximum of ten people to dine with you.

To join the competition:

  1. A Stamped Park Member
  2. Joined events at Stampede Park for two consecutive months
  3. Used the converted Frequent Flyer Points to dine in Stampede Park’s restaurant.

The competition runs from September 20 to November 20.

Win 500 thousand Frequent Flyer Points and a Samsung Galaxy S9

You have the chance to win 500 thousand Frequent Flyer Points, plus the newest Samsung Galaxy S9.  You just have to join at least 3 events at Stampede Park. You should also have dined at the park’s restaurant for at least 5 times within the promotional period. Remember, the more times you attend an event and dine at the restaurant, the more chances of winning.

Here are the rules of the competition:

  1. A Stampede Park member
  2. Joined at least three events at Stampede Park
  3. Has Dined at least 5 times at the park’s restaurant.

The promotional period runs from October 3 to  October 31.

Million Dollar Lottery

This weekend, Stampede Park invites our esteemed members to join us for our annual Million Dollar Lottery. We have grown so much together as a community of thoroughbred racing enthusiasts and have built several professional partnerships over the course of our operations here at Stampede Park, and we want to celebrate that with you. Thanks to the modern prize indemnity insurance, we can bring these prizes to you.

The annual Million Dollar Lottery is a way of giving back to the love and support of our dear patrons over the year, as well as a celebration of our time together as a community not only within the last 365 days, but over the many years we’ve been up and running.

We have just yet again finished an entire busy season of races, but we’re nowhere near exhaustion because of the continuous patronage we’ve been getting. It is always a pleasure to have our dear patrons around to be with us in our many races.

Important Details

All active members of the Stampede Park is qualified for one entry.

The entry tickets will be available for purchase at $150 per ticket per person, as soon as you enter the member’s lounge.

Children will only be allowed in the member’s lounge under constant supervision.

Non-members will only be allowed if they are guests of the invited. Each member is only allowed two guests to regulate the member’s lounge capacity and exclusivity.

This exclusive event will be observing a semi-formal dress code. You are encouraged to wear race wear attire.

An entry ticket will also give you the following provisions and benefits:

  • Maximum of two guests, children not included
  • Day pass
  • Table booking
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Access to the Stampede Park’s member’s lounge buffet station
  • Tickets to next scheduled races
  • Spinning wheel lottery prizes won
  • Unlimited premium brewed coffee

How the Million Dollar Lottery Works

Each ticket holder gets to spin the Million Dollar Lottery wheel at the member’s lounge of Stampede Park, where he’ll get the chance to win exciting prizes on top of the major prize: a million dollars! A ticket holder only gets to spin once.

Exciting prizes aside from the million dollar jackpot includes the following:

  • Luxury hotel staycation for two
  • Stampede Park all-day continental buffet
  • VIP access to all amenities at Stampede Park

Please let us know if you’re going to be part of this exclusive event by calling us or shooting us an email. You are also free to bring up some inquiries, hospitality requirements, and other concerns. Your comfort is in our best interest. We are looking forward to see familiar faces and also formally welcome new members and introduce them to the loyal Stampede Park community. See you there!