How to Go Green in Horse Keeping

Going green in your farm is not that difficult or costly. As a horse owner, you should consider adopting eco-friendly practices as this is the right thing to do. The following are practical eco-friendly management practices that you can follow.

Consider dumpster rental services

A roll off dumpster is a simple and cost-effective way to eradicate heaps of debris from your farm. Dumpster rental Auburn NY is simple and can be easily done online. Dumpster rental services are some of the most flexible and environment-friendly ways to dispose of debris from your property. You should look for local dumpster rental services that can reliably dispose of the debris in an environment-friendly way.

Buy Green

When purchasing a piece of equipment, ensure that it is certified as green before buying. This includes considering how materials used in the production of the item or equipment were sourced. Going for materials that are recyclable or useful will ensure that less harm is caused to the environment.

Pastures Management

Pasturing is the most affordable way of feeding horses. One of the best systems when grazing horses is rotational grazing. When using this strategy, horses are allowed to graze one pasture cell at a time. Once the forage is finished, they move on to another cell allowing the previously grazed down to recover. This system is important in ensuring proper management of pasture.

Another proper pastures management technique is mixed grazing. This involves grazing horses simultaneously with other species. For instance, the horses can graze first followed by livestock which can feed on the less desirable pasture. This practice maximizes the potential of pasture and decreases the need for the use of herbicides.

Tree Planting

Planting trees adds vegetation which can reduce in-door temperatures greatly. Planting trees or shrubs adds a vegetation buffer zone between horse pastures and rivers which minimizes cutoff and purifies water. It can also provide a natural habitat for animals such as birds and small wildlife.

Organic Remedies

Make use of natural remedies when possible. There are a number of homemade insect repellants and salves. Natural remedies are not harmful to the environment as opposed to the use of chemicals. They are also economical as they can be made from readily available ingredients.

Erosion Control

Erosion can be reduced through the eradication of mud by installing drains that redirect surface water from one area to another. Perforated pipes installed inside trenches can for instance help direct excess water. It is also important that you consult professionals during the planning stages to ensure that drains and pipes are installed properly.

Stay Knowledgeable

Knowledge on how to manage the natural environment and facilities can help you optimize the health of your horses while remaining eco-friendly. Such knowledge can be obtained through self-education just like what you are doing right now. There are also a number of online courses that introduce vital concepts related to the management of the natural environment. They also explore the relationship between the health of the environment and horses’ well-being.