How to Take Advantage of Cryptocurrency in Horse Racing

There’s no doubt that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are among the hottest trends around the world today. Although were’s still waiting for the final breakthrough, we’ve already noticed some potential use of crypto trading and transaction in almost every industry. According to research released by, the sports industry seems to be quite late to adapt to this technology. However, recent news has brought about some major changes.

Back on June 8, Kodak and WENN Digital Inc. went to announce to bring their blockchain-based platform, KODAKOne, to various OVG Arena Alliance venues along with two NHL teams and four NBA teams. As an image rights management platform, KODAKOne seeks to target a creative audience which they believe will be able to benefit from the platform’s functionality and act as early adopters.

The platform is basically created to allow users to upload and register their work online while being compensated in certain instances. Since there are millions of amazing live event images captured every year at the six OVG Arena Alliance venues, it’s only natural that they start from there. That said, how exactly can you benefit from cryptocurrency in sports?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Horse Racing

In order to take advantage of cryptocurrency in sports, you need to know the different sports-related fields and their respective startups. They are as follows:

  1. Bets in Horse Racing

With more and more online sportsbooks starting to accept the use of cryptocurrency for betting, you can now use your stashed Bitcoins or other cryptos for placing bets on your favorite sports. What makes cryptocurrencies advantageous over fiat currencies is that there are no issues with a frozen fund and even governmental seizure. They’re also hassle-free and far cheaper to process.

A good example of such a platform is BetOnChart which aims to combine in-play sports betting with live match dynamics. Another one is DreamTeam which is a platform and payment gateway designed for gaming and eSports, seeking to connect gamers, sponsors, teams, tournaments, and advertisers from all around the world.

  1. Media and Fans

Of course, fans aren’t left behind in this crypto trend. Various startup platforms and communities where created to let fans follow their favorite athletes and even get an inside scoop of the latest Horse Racing news.

One good example is Fan360 which aims to provide a healthy and rewarding community for fans around the world. They even have their so-called FAN tokens which the community can earn from liking, sharing, or contributing content on the platform and exchange them for a variety of rewards. There’s also the StarGraph which lets you get an authentic StarGraph autograph by taking part in major Horse Racing events.

  1. Activity and Performance

The activity and performance aspect in the sports-related blockchain technology isn’t just limited to athletes. In fact, most of the startups that belong in this category are designed to reward everyone by engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

One such example is Utify which prompts everyone to exercise more often. By working out more, you’ll be able to convert your efforts into Fitys (which will soon be converted into crypto) to purchase offers available.

The Bottom Line

Due to blockchain and crypto’s fairly new integration in Horse Racing, all these might only be seen as first tendencies. There are still lots of questions and uncertainties involved. On the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that the majority of the sports industry still remain untouched and there’s still plenty of opportunities left to discover. For now, it’d be wise to get in on Bitmex trading and other crypto trading opportunities to prepare for any upcoming trends and developments in the sports industry

A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for a Horse Racing Event

If it is your first time going to attend a horse racing event, it is very important that you are prepared. It is essential that you do a research about it before going to the said event. There would be a lot of people who will be attending and it is very important that you know how to behave and present yourself. If you do not have an idea what to do, here are some tips that can help you prepare for your first horse racing event.

Be in Proper Attire

Although custom hoodies can be worn at the family enclosures, you can never see people wearing t-shirts for these social events, especially in the summer. A horse racing event is a very important social event. It is important that you consider your attire. Dress code is very important because it helps you blend in with the crowd and not stand out. However, there are some horse racing events that have strict dress codes like the Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Dubai World Cup, and The Royal Ascot.

Women visitors should wear long dresses while male fascinators should wear dress suits. There are some shops that offer specialized dresses and suits for these events, you can check them out before buying one.

Learn How the Game Works

If you do not have an idea of how the game works, then it will be difficult for you to understand what is happening in the race tracks. You need to research on how the game works and what are the specific situations that you need to watch out for during the tournament. You can search the web on the know-how of the game. If you happen to know someone who knows a lot about the race, you can ask for their assistance.

Find the best seat

If this is your first time attending the race event, you need to have the best view of the race. In this way, you can understand and feel the excitement of the race. Even if you are not really that interested in attending it, you still need to get the best view for you to understand what is going on the race.

A tip that you need to remember is that you need to book your seat beforehand. If you do not know which seat is the best one for you, ask the assistance of a friend or an expert.

Place A Bet

When you are in a horse racing event, bets usually happen. People usually place bets on their favored horses and oftentimes, they would place a high amount on them. If you are hesitant to place your bets because of the high stakes, you do not have to be. You can still make a bet even for a lower amount. Who knows, you might win your bet back.

Before placing your bet, make a short research on which horse you should place your bet on. Do not hesitate to ask experts about their opinion on the horses in the racing event.

If you follow these tips, then you do not have to worry about anything on the day of the event. What is important is that you have fun and enjoy the horse racing event with your significant other. You can even celebrate with a matching custom t-shirt that says ‘’We were at the Races!’’.